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People often wonder what the computer age has done to assist day to day running of actual business.

A new computer application has answered this question for the world crane industry. APMS has developed the " Crane Planner" crane selection and planning application.

The focus from the initial concept and during development was to make the application easy to use, and able to provide an accurate result. This has been achieved to a level unprecedented for industrial computer applications. After an introduction of only a few minutes, users with little or no previous computer skill can have a Lift Plan!

The first step is to enter a load to be handled, and load position relative to any obstructions. Click the search button, within seconds the smallest most economical crane in the fleet capable of the job is selected, including all the details on where to place the crane, and what accessories are required for the configuration of the crane.

From here the application allows the user to run through the entire fleet of cranes loaded to see the set up configuration for each machine in the fleet. A handy added feature is the ability for the user to select a crane, which may be available already at the site, if the machine is not capable of the required lift the application immediately responds " No Match"

The ease and speed with which the search is done is amazing, with 46 machines loaded into the test application, searches are very fast. Within seconds a very high lift over a building is calculated. During this demonstration Crane Planner selects a 250-Ton All-terrain crane detailing the exact counterweights needed, and the jib extensions and offset required for the job. Even when huge conventional cranes are required the application quickly finds the required machine, searching through all the possible configurations to find the best match. Offering a huge reduction in the time taken to manually select a suitable machine, by searching through pages of crane load charts. And providing the security of knowing that the machine selected is the best match available for the lift requirements.

Keeping with the initial concept of simplicity, Crane Planner has a print option at the result screen. Click on the button and immediately a well presented, clear Lift Plan is produced. The Lift plan can be used as the basis of a Job Safety Analysis, and a work procedure. Lift Plans are also very useful as part of a quotation for your next job or tender.

For those who are interested in adding an even more professional look to the Lift Plan produced, Crane Planner provides many advanced features, enabling a company Logo and details to be included on the printed plan, or the printed drawing to include color schemes and Logos. Even when required the exact detail of the lift and surrounds can be generated. Using any of the huge array of drawing applications available the drawing can be modified and easily and imported into Crane Planner.

With all the features so easily available, Crane Planner provides a real solution to lift planning, for both the Crane and Construction Industry.

Supported by APMS, there is the added benefit of true support by the designers & developers of the application. With over 30 years experience in the crane industry; APMS knows and understands cranes.