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Batam Office:
Tel. +62 778 7494 885
Email: sales@apms.asia







Cranesmart Systems Inc. is the industry leader of wireless crane safety equipment. As the specialty manufacturer of load monitors, anti-2-block systems, LMI's (load moment indicators), wind speed indicators and boom angle indicator systems for all cranes and other winch line applications. Cranesmart products have been engineered for the tough environments including Marine and all offshore applications.


  • World leader in wireless crane safety equipment
  • Outstanding quality control
  • Easy to install
  • Simple, clear display
  • User friendly
  • A-2-B, Load, Angle or LMI, all in one panel
  • Cranesmart systems are completely upgradeable, with a single phone call
  • Completely wireless
  • Five-year battery life
  • Self-calibrating load cells
  • No moving parts at all

Cranesmart Systems leads the industry in after the sale service. Systems normally deliver within 72 hours. System trouble-shooting is accomplished since systems are self diagnosing. Replacement parts ship same day, eliminating crane down time. Over 23,000 systems currently in use.