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Our Services

Crane Supply Sales, Service and Parts of Mechanical and Hydraulic Crawler Cranes, Tower cranes, Rough Terrain Cranes and Marine Cranes.

CRANESMART - Safety systems including Cranesmart load monitor systems, A-2-B (anti-2-block) systems, LMIs (load moment indicators), and boom angle indicator systems for all cranes and other winch line applications. All Cranesmart products have been engineered with customers in mind, designed to be delivered, installed, and trained on quickly, in some of the toughest environments, with no maintenance required.

T24 HS Handheld - wireless load indicator display for roaming connections to unlimited numbers of T24 Acquisition Modules/Load cells.

SIMULATOR - APMS produce Simulators to provide effective and affordable simulation for heavy machine operators in the crane/construction, forestry and mining industries. APMS produce Simulators in an realistic Operator cabin with all components ready to meet your training needs.

LOAD CELLS/ TRANSDUCER - APMS specialize in the supply and rental of Load Cells, Transducers, Instrumentation and associated accessories. Our products range from simple load cells to complete monitoring and control systems.

PUNCTURE PROOF is a multipurpose liquid tyre sealant and coolant that is injected into each tyre through the air valve. Requiring only one application, it’s function is to coat the inside of the tyre, thereby preventing punctures, maintaining correct air pressure and lowering tyre casing temperature.

LEDWORKLIGHT - this LED Mining Light offers high output from a compact form factor and is ideal for use in mining applications as well as heavy equipment, boating, vehicle, military, law enforcement and industrial manufacturing uses.

CRANEPLANNER is software that enables anyone to select a crane for a specific job easily, accurately and quickly and print lift plans for the safe job process.

EXPLOSION PROOF - LED Lighting provides operators with a powerful and energy efficient alternative to traditional hazardous location luminaries.

Crane and Certification Experienced technicians available for inspection and certification of hydraulic and mechanical cranes.

Maintenance Systems Auditing and consultancy services covering Marine, Mining and Construction, Truck and Heavy equipment Fleets, Cranes and Power Generation.